Hero's Journey

“A Hero’s Journey With Horses” is a workshop in self-discovery.


Welcome to my world, a world filled with love and respect for the horse and a desire to teach people the tools they need to feel better, communicate better and be more of who they really are and long to be.

The exercises in the workshop teach the participants about feelings and how to communicate effectively and contact with the horses offers loving support and how to be in the moment. The result is unequivocally that which inspires the human to believe in themselves.

This work is for all ages, for families, adolescents, teens and adults. It is beautifully orchestrated with group and individual exercises and interactions between the horses and the humans, all conducted on the ground. The horses are invited to shed light upon the actions of the humans which offers insight to behaviors and attitudes that affect relationships.

Tools are taught in the areas of leadership and communication and experiences are provided addressing fear and trust. The results create intimacy between the horses and participants and between the participants themselves which often causes a shift in the experience that each individual has of themselves and reveals new choices and ways of being.

Now you can be an Endorsed Trainer for a workshop that will change the lives of youth and teens who take it! Have you always wanted to work with children and teens but didn’t know where to begin?

Finally, there is a training to teach you how to lead a workshop that you can present to adolescents and teens that is easy to learn and lead yet will make a profound difference in the lives of those you teach!

The workshop is called A Hero’s Journey and A Hero’s Journey with Horses. They are essentially the same exact workshop but one has the addition of group exercises with horses for the Equine Partnered professionals who desire to work with youth and horses, yet, horse experience is not necessary. The horse exercises are safe and easy to supervise. They are an extra added delight for those wishing to add the equine dynamic to the work or for those who already have an equine based program.

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