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Lesa is a Reiki Master, Gong Practitioner, and life coach.  She is also pursuing her masters’ degree in marriage and family therapy.  Lesa feels the need to share her gifts in her unique way.  As she has learned so much about energy and healing through her studies and daily practice of Chi Kung (Qigong) and Yoga she sees the need for western traditions to look to the eastern traditions for balance. Lesa has treated a diverse spectrum of people and has experience in helping them to overcome a wide range of physical as well as emotional conditions. She believes in empowering the individual, helping them to bring their life back into a state of balance and improved health.  As a gong practitioner, Lesa has discovered the enormous benefits of "sound therapy". The combination of Lesa’s style of coaching, sound therapy and energy treatments creates a blissful and grounding experience for her clients.

Lesa's intense journey of introspection over the past few years has taken her to places she never dreamed possible.  She has found her own "Sat Nam" or True Identity and is creating a joyful life for herself.  That joyful life is available to everyone, and part of Lesa's journey is to help you find yours.  

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